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What is the shelf life of Santa Fe Refried Beans?

A "Best By" date is stamped on each bag. That date is one year forward from when the bag was packed. For the best flavor, we recommend using our products within this time frame. However, we have taste-tested our beans several years later, and they still taste fine and are perfectly safe to eat. Be sure to keep our products stored in a cool dry place (like your kitchen pantry). Also, always follow the preparation instructions on the back of the bag.

How many servings in a bag of Santa Fe Instant Refried Beans?

This is an amount determined using FDA guidelines.  According to the FDA, a serving size of our dehydrated refried beans is 1/3 cup (about 35 grams). Each of our 7.25-ounce (205 grams) bags is equal to about 6 servings (2 cups of dry mix).

What are the instructions for preparing a partial bag of Santa Fe Refried Beans?

All of our products are packed in stand-up, resealable pouches. That way you can prepare only what you need. Just mix one-to-one with boiling water. For example, if you only needed to prepare enough beans for three servings, mix one cup of beans to one cup of boiling water. If after 4 or 5 minutes, the beans seem a little too thick or not completely rehydrated, add small amounts of water until you have the desired consistency.

Are Santa Fe Beans non-GMO?

Yes, Santa Fe Instant Refried Beans are all non-GMO.

Are Santa Fe Beans Gluten-Free?

All of our products are Gluten-Free. However, two items (the Santa Fe Borracho Beans and the Fire Roasted Chipotle Refried Beans) contain spices that were packed in a facility that also processes products that do contain gluten. If you have any serious concerns about gluten, please avoid these two items.

Are Santa Fe Refried Beans Vegan?

Yes, all Santa Fe Bean Company items are Vegan.

Is Santa Fe Bean Product Packaging Suitable for Food Storage?

Our products are packed in stand-up pouches that are constructed of three layers of PET film laminated together that create an excellent barrier to the transmission of oxygen and moisture. The middle layer of film is metallized PET, sometimes referred to by the trade name of Mylar. For more information visit:

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